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Lazourdy Contracting Achieves Milestone with Renewed ISO Certifications

Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance: Upholding Industry Excellence Through Renewed ISO Certifications

In a significant stride toward continued excellence in the construction industry, Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance is proud to announce the renewal of our ISO certifications – 45001, 14001, and 9001, valid through 2027. This achievement, accredited by Swisscert and under the auspices of the Emirates International Accreditation Centre (EIAC), underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in our operations and services.

A Commitment to Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship

Our renewed ISO 45001 certification emphasizes our dedication to occupational health and safety, ensuring the wellbeing of our workforce and clients. The ISO 14001 certification reflects our ongoing efforts in environmental management, highlighting our role in promoting sustainable construction practices. Additionally, the ISO 9001 certification reiterates our adherence to quality management standards, guaranteeing the highest level of service and product excellence.

Driving Innovation and Excellence

These certifications are not merely achievements; they represent the ethos of Lazourdy Contracting – a relentless pursuit of quality, safety, and environmental stewardship in every project we undertake. They are testament to our team’s hard work, expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our team for their unwavering dedication and to our clients for their trust and collaboration. We are excited to continue shaping a future that aligns with our vision of sustainable, safe, and high-quality construction.

Together, we are not just building structures; we are setting new benchmarks in the construction industry.

Looking Forward

As we move forward, Lazourdy Contracting remains dedicated to elevating industry standards and driving innovation. We are committed to not only meeting but exceeding expectations, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and making a positive impact on communities and the environment.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights into our journey towards a sustainable future in construction.

A Culture of Innovation

We do strive to be one of the cost leaders in contracting, Lazourdy tried to distinguish itself via a clear choice to focus on operational excellence

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