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Lazourdy Receiving Appreciation Certificate from Musanda for Early Project Completion

Exemplifying Excellence in Construction with Ahead-of-Schedule Delivery

Abu Dhabi, 09 Nov 2023 – Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance, a leader in the construction field, proudly announces receiving an Appreciation Certificate from its esteemed client, Musanada Musanada (Abu Dhabi General Services Company – Musanada) , for the exceptional early completion of a significant project. This recognition underscores the company’s dedication to surpassing expectations in efficiency and client satisfaction.

Background: The project, a landmark Construction of Gweifat Staff Accommodation, initially projected to be completed by 15th March 2023, was delivered one month in advance, thanks to Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance’s innovative approach and unwavering commitment to timely delivery.

Official Statement: Ibrahim Abdan, CEO of Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance, expressed immense pride and gratitude towards Musanda for this recognition. “We are deeply honored to receive this certificate from Musanda. Our team’s ability to deliver the project well ahead of the planned schedule while maintaining the highest standards of quality showcases our excellence in the construction domain,” Abdan remarked.

Industry Impact: This accomplishment by Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance not only strengthens its reputation but also inspires the wider construction industry to strive for similar achievements in project delivery and client satisfaction.

Future Endeavors: With this accolade, Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance is more committed than ever to uphold its high standards in upcoming projects, ensuring timely and quality deliveries.

About Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance: Established in 2006, Lazourdy Contracting and General Maintenance has become a benchmark for quality and reliability in the construction industry, offering innovative solutions and a customer-focused approach in all its endeavors. The company is renowned for its expertise in governmental, commercial and residential building.

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